BritBox vs ITV X streaming

I’d subscribed to BritBox for a few years, but in 2022 nabbed a £29.99 half price annual subscription.

As the BBC have relinquished interest in the BritBox platform it has been incorporated into ITV X, I assume with all features.

I got an email saying that the BritBox subscription would not be renewed automatically a few months ago.

Does anyone have experience of shifting to ITV X? On the face of it probably more content overall, but looks like I could still resubscribe to Britbox via my Apple account at £5.99/month or £59.99 per annum.

If ITV X have BritBox and more it’s probably the better option, however I’m wary as the ITV app was rubbish for me in the past.

Main concerns I suppose are ease of navigation and overall ITV X streaming quality especially if it has a bigger subscriber base and servers may be more stressed, though if ITV X control BritBox the same may apply.

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