British HI FI what about the midlands?!

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I was reflecting this morning that the UK really is blessed when it comes to Hi Fi manufacturers. Of course we have our favorite, Naim😁. But then Linn, Cambridge Audio, Meridian, Fyne, Exposure, Atlas, and many more I am sure forum members can mention.

However one thought that occurred is that I can’t think of one that is based in the midlands. Scotland, West Country, South yes,but not the industrial heartland!

Looking forward to being proven wrong can anybody think of a hi fi manufacturer based in the midlands?

One I can think of was the brilliant Royd Audio over in Telford.

I’m not sure it counts as the Midlands, but as it’s south of Scotland but not Southern England, the North East has a couple of decent speaker manufacurers, Kudos and Neat. Then there’s Wilson Benesch in Sheffield.

Sugden are in Yorkshire, too…and Wharfedale, obviously!


Good point let’s define the midlands…it’s the bit in the middle that the BBC never mention in the weather forcast🤔


You had Nene Valley Audio (NVA), although I think they’re based up in Durham now?

The midlands was the ultimate in source first - guitar amplification from companies like Carlsbro founded in Nottingham and Laney in Halesowen

A few well known rack manufacturers were Midlands based.

But electronics? Not really a hotspot. Midlands is sure packed with motorsport engineering companies though.

Agree midlands is rather amorphous, but there are several manufacturers in the south midland area in Cambridgeshire; dCS and Cyrus are two that spring to mind.

I’ve found one! Warwick Acoustics who make some interesting electrostatic headphones. Slightly embarrassed to admit they are based at the same technology park I work from (it is a big place)

Once we are back working on site I shall have to pop over and say hello.

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What about Nottingham Analogue and Definitive Audio with their Living Voice speakers. Also there was Audio Synthesis with the Passion pre and Dax dac.

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Well Arcam and Quad are all part of that cluster. Though having grown up in the Midlands, I never thpught of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdon as Midlands.

Oh thats embarrasing i grew up in halesowen and didnt know laney were based there!

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Well you when you leave East Anglia… the trunk road signs point over to that area as part of the Midlands… I guess Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire (ie fen land) are part of the East Midlands… I couldn’t find a manufacturer in Lincolnshire… the only references to Boston are to the US variant.

Cymbiosis as an ace supplier adds massive ‘kudos’ :no_mouth: to the Midlands !

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Sadly I can only think of Flashback Sales, whose owner, Dave, recently passed away, a Naim fan and popular supplier of budget cables in N. Lincs.

In the 70s there was Griffin loudspeakers in West Bromwich. No relation to the late Bob Griffin of Griffin Audio in Birmingham.

Sound Factory tripod stands came from sunny Loughborough. Most of these examples do seem rather more past then present though.


I will be very surprised if anyone has heard of Lincs Audio. Must have been around late 1970s.

A very short lived loudspeaker manufacturer based in a small village near Spalding , Lincs. From memory they made a small LS3/5a sized one and a Spendor BC1 sized one , called Lincs Audio Intro 1J , which i bought direct from them and owned for a few years.

Surprised no-one mentioned Rega. Who are of course not in the Midlands. Not even to the extent that some are trying to define the Midlands as!


Icon Audio are in Leicester. That’s definitely the Midlands!

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