Britney Spears on Vinyl

just got a couple from UrbanOutfitters
i’m guessing their latest splatter pressings aaaaaaaand
they sound fantastic; very well mastered, quiet disc, as dynamic as this genre can get

so for all of you who aren’t too cool for some pretty decent pop, take a listen to these


The shocked silence says it all - we’re too cool !

I could be wrong here, but my perception of the Naim age demographic would suggest to me that Urban Outfitters would not necessarily be high on their list of stores to visit, and so would miss out on the Britney albums as a result. I’m

Yeah…bet the autotune sounds great.

My curiosity got the better of me, I wasn’t expecting to find what I did here.

Pink Floyd album availability at a specialist comfy slacks retailer might receive more hits



15 lps Collector of Rihanna.
More africianados of Britney or Rihanna on the Naim forum? Curious

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they make quite nice reissues and vinyl exclusives, many go up in value if that matters

i really don’t think age is a criteria for liking something or not really

autotune is to spears what multi tracking and punch-ins is to nearly every record made after 1969; as long as the finished product is enjoyable then it doesn’t matter how it was done


Yeah…if you’re happy with that…
By the way, you are comparing apples with pears.

I got a couple of Madonna LPs recently including a picture disc, they sound fantastic, very quiet in terms of surface noise compared to many ‘more cerebral’ purchases I’ve made in recent years some of which have been very noisy when new.

Nothing wrong with a good bit of pop. Try Dua Lipa’s latest LP.


No neither do I actually. However, comparing, as I attempted to do in a gently sardonic way the apparent demographic of contributors to this forum with those likely to shop in a branch of Urban Outfitters, I still feel that the Britney Spears LPs (other artists are available) would be unlikely, as a result to attract their attention, whatever the musical merits of said albums may be…

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Probably worth remembering Britney isn’t exactly a spring chicken these days!

Many of these new pop artists may be dangerous for the health of the said demographic:


Bebe Rexha and Doja Cat

I bought Lana del Reys Norman effing Rockwell on Urban Outfitters vinyl. It’s a lovely pressing on pink vinyl. I’ve read that it sounds better than the general release pressing.

I also have certain fondness for throwaway pop music and I’m not at all ashamed to say that I’ll probably go and buy that Britney album!


She’d still pass for most Naim demographic’s grandaughter.


My standard copy sounds very average.

true, the spears are on some kind of coloured splatter but i was just really impressed with the press quality considering most of their clients wouldn’t play them on expensive equipment so they could put out lower quality vinyl without too many complaints but the standard is still high

Dua is pretty much the only ultra pop i can stomach in the last couple years with a few exceptions, like her a lot

it makes me long for the days when there were so many great top 40 hits

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