Brits Want To Be Swedes

Where do I sign :grinning:

By coincidence, I got my French joint-nationality, today!
(Curiously, the Journal Officiel is often published on Sundays)

Champagne, e-oh-e-oh-e-oh, sacre bleu, baguette, où est la piscine, bad driving, onions, cliché cliché cliché…

Brexit was just the catalyst, and appears to be receding in likelihood, but I am very happy to have been officially adopted by my adopted home country.

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:small_blue_diamond:This who happening,mainly in the UK now,…Citizens seeking dual citizenship.

Can you get a clearer proof that politicians are unable to manage their tasks and jobs.
These politicians are embarrassing the UK to the whole world.

In my safe world in Sweden,.there is not a thought of why I would need dual citizenship…
:black_small_square:I was born here.
:black_small_square:This is my country.

Just having to think the idea,.on acquiring dual citizenship must be experienced frustrating.
But as I a bit jokingly wrote in my first post.
You are cordially invited to Sweden :grin:.


Peder, its called democracy, what the politicians are doing is part of the process…
Yes I too believe its embarrassing in that the country is so evenly divided that we cannot come to an agreement.
However I object to someone from outside UK voicing that opinion, you know next to nothing about it. So please leave it.


Sometimes we need to see ourselves as others see us and Peder has as much right to an opinion on what is going on as anybody else. I think you’re out of order and owe him an apology.


Congratulations Rod.

From what I can gather on my travels, the UK looks like a laughing stock. And we are. That’s my opinion. Everybody is entitled to theirs. And entitled to the right to state it.


I disagree, I have an opinion too & I voiced it.
People from other countries should think twice about being keyboard warriors when they know nothing of whats going on other than what they read or watch on the media.

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When it comes to Europe I think I’d trust the Swedish media far more than I’d trust the Mail, Express, Telegraph, Sun and the likes. If we didn’t have such an agenda driven media in the UK we might not even be in the position we’re in now.


With respect, I don’t think people
overseas consider the UK a laughing stock, at least not those that I’ve met. Certainly there’s a sense of disbelief and incredulity over the situation that the UK finds itself in …and the severity of the deep divisions within the country. Honestly, I don’t think anyone is laughing.

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Hi Peder
There is nothing unusual with what’s happening in Sweden, it’s happening in all EU countries where the British reside, Spain, Greece and France in greater numbers. I have friends who are current going through this process, they are seeking to secure the best lifestyle where they live and with the UK leaving the EU this is viewed as a sensible way forward.
You are correct Britain is divided unfortunately not just in terms of numbers but by country with Scotland and Ireland wishing to stay in Europe. You are also correct that British politicians have made a real mess in terms of what has happened, but really it always was a lose/lose situation, how could the Scots and the Irish be happy with the outcome and also there was a sizeable minority opposed to leaving. We seem to have ended up with the worst outcome where nobody is happy, including the majority that wished to leave.
Individuals remain the same, largely “nice” and I visited Sweden a few times and met some nice Swedes.

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… and what if one is not an UK citizen but his business is for more than 50% dependent on UK customers and partners?

This is about me, and I really suffer from the B****it. I have incorporated a full business infrastructure in the UK (LTD / Bank account / VAT number and now working on a NI number) in order to cover the uncertaincies. I hope it is not needed and I can dissolve it in a few years.

My most important business partner in the UK has done the same for The Netherlands - just to have a foot in the door if necessary.

Brexit socks - and that’s my opinion.

Btw, I dont think the UK is the laughing stock of this planet - I think this ‘laughing stock’ vision is how UK people are projecting their feelings on others.

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:small_blue_diamond:Mr Mike-B,…You really give the concept of narrow-minded a new meaning.

At the same time,…I wonder if you understand what you “Really Says”…Incredibly.
But at the same time,.I am not surprised that it comes from you… Incredibly again.

You can trust that I will answer you on this nonsense,.as you “are saying”.

But first I’ll see the finals in the table tennis Championships,.where a Swede (Mattias Falk) is with.

:small_orange_diamond:To you others in my thread,…
Thanks for the nice and interesting posts.


Peder, keyboard warriors need to learn that discretion is the better part of valour.

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:small_blue_diamond::joy:…And here came the next nonsense, rudeness,and presentation of an incredible arrogance towards others.
Strongly Worked,.Mr. Mike-B.

:small_orange_diamond:I have a new name :joy::+1:t2:
I am 63 years,.running my own forum etc.
But this is the first time in my life someone called me a Keyboard Warrior.

A council,…Think about your behavior,…especially if you are going to write in my thread.
I’ll return with my response to your previous post.


Please don’t, you are wasting your time.

another thread to be closed soon…

:small_blue_diamond:Mr Mike-B,…Believe me,.I have understood that for a long time ago :roll_eyes:.

If you read my last two posts really,really careful…and really think about,you’ll probably understand what stands “between the lines.”

I say one word…
:red_circle: METOO
This arose because people finally dared to say…“Stop…The limit was reached”.

With your last posts here,.I understand that you feel uncomfortable when people say Stop.
But you’ll probably have to accept the new time.
Where people say Stop,.when the limit is reached.


:small_blue_diamond:Frenchrooster,…Absolutely not.

I…and also others have responded to Mr. Mike-B’s post.
Then it is better to take that discussion as adult people,…if you do not do that,it will only be even worse later.

:small_orange_diamond:I will later just comment on the post that I promised,…Nothing more.
All who read are intelligent people,and can draw their own conclusions.
As I usually say…Case closed


i hope your thread will not close however. But like me, you tend sometimes to overreact. If some members flag some posts, Richard will close the thread.
But we have differences, because i tend to be sarcastic and nasty, and you tend to overreact. Both tendencies are risky…