Broadband speed periodic collapse - any thoughts?

We live in a fairly rural village and have fibre to cabinet. Supplier is BT and I have a Smarthub 2.

The speeds are usually rock solid at around 39 Mbps download and 7 Mbps upload.

However, every so often the speed collapses to around 3 Mbps download and 0.1 Mbps upload. This seems to happen on a Wednesday evening. Sending “Refresh” via BT’s automated Broadband support sorts it out although it sometimes needs to be run twice. Alternatively just leaving it until the next morning also resolves it.

The fact that “Refresh” seems to work makes me think that it is not high usage elsewhere using up the bandwidth.

Does anybody have any ideas as to the cause or cure?

I’d call BT it’s free and if you pardon the pun it’s they’re call.
I had similar at one time and it was traced to a weathered connection in the street box.
Apparently contact corrosion can sort itself from time to time until the inevitable.
It’s not your worry it’s their gear. :thinking: :+1:t2:

Thanks. I always have to gird my loins before talking to BT so try to avoid it if possible. :slightly_smiling_face: But I may have to.

It’s the apparent fact that it occurs on a Wedensday evening which makes me think it is probably not faulty equipment. I also feel I should rule out any cause at my end though I struggle to think of what it could be.

It can be very frustrating but the last time I called I got a UK call centre. :flushed: :+1:t2:

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Does ‘refresh’ force a reconnection?

The Wed evening trend does seem to suggest something other than your networking equipment - assume you have nothing that automatically kicks in or disconnects on a Wednesday. Sounds like something for BT to look at - assume the connection is DSLAM and they can look at any possible issues which would cause reconnections/lower speeds, but if not you may need to look at more local/neighbouring things which could cause interference.

Unlikely with the frequency on Wednesdays specifically but if your ADSL filter is quite old they can go bad and may be worth considering a quality replacement.

Thanks to both of you for the advice. I feel a call to BT coming on (but think I will wait until I have recovered from the lurgy).

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