Broke a rule playing LPs at night

G’day Dear Naim Forum Friends.

I hope this is the correct room for this post.

Two nights ago, instead of cleaning the lint off the record while it was on the TT. I thought I would try doing so while holding the LP in my hand with my non-static brush, which has a metal handle.

My dear wife walks in, and I can not blame her, though I was distracted and scratched my Dire Straits album, self-titled called Dire Straits. It is part of a box collection of 33.3 Studio Albums.

The scratch is pretty bad and goes across at least three tracks. Anyhow, online I go to purchase a replacement with my wife’s encouragement. My local Audiophile shop is about two hours’ drive away, and they mistakenly sent out the SACD version from the original master tapes.

My question is, do I keep the CD and forget about purchasing another album or exchange the CD for the correct album, which is not by Polygram, through a different manufacturer? I think Vertigo.

The question without listening to both. Which would be the better recording? The replacement LP is on 180-gram vinyl, and I should say I do not own a SACD player as my CD player is a CD5 XS, so there is no advantage to owning a SACD CD at this stage.

I am currently tight with finances, which is a very long story that has been mentioned before. I am also presently paying off the credit card for the Atacarma HIFI shelving recently, as it was on sale as posted recently in the HIFI-Corner forum.

I should say that I have promised myself not to play vinyl late at night because I am usually tired, leading to mistakes. I once dropped the “Love Over Gold” album from the same box set flat on a tile floor, and the record, when picked up, was covered/smothered in very fine dust, salt, or sand as we lived close to the beach. I have not played this particular album since and am planning on purchasing some record cleaner for this purpose, the goopy stuff that sets on the LP surface and after four hours or so is peeled off. This previous accident happened over two years ago. I have since purchased another Love Over Gold album.

The time delay in cleaning the Love Over Gold is an issue I have with using my hands. Also mentioned some time in the past.

Q. Keep CD, exchange CD, bust the budget, and purchase LP and keep CD.

Warm regards,

Mitch in Oz.

Send it back and get the lp. Is there a discogs seller local to you with a better price?

Definitely streaming or cd when it’s late!

They all seem to be on vertigo.
3rd one looks alright, near mint lp $35
Ignore the shipping, that’s priced to the UK.


It’s a sign from above that you shouldn’t be playing Dire Straits. There is so much great music out there. I do like the first album, but Love Over Gold? Fit for the bin.


Get the replacement vinyl Mitch and send back the SACD

If you don’t it will also be niggling away at you saying “I should have done that “


Thank you, Gentlemen,

I will do as you have stated. As Shelley and I are going into Melbourne to drop off two TT wall-mount stands/brackets. I will do the exchange at the record seller’s business address.

It may sound like a silly question, though I ruminate over such issues continuously due to my OCD.

There is a Discogs website and outlet in Melbourne. I will also check out their online catalog as well. As I have spent the money on the SACD CD, and the LP and the SACD are the same price it will just be a swap over.

Thank you RH, HH, and Bevo for keeping me on track :smile: ) so to speak. I know it is a bad pun, though after typing it unintentionally. I decided to go with it. The pun that is and also the LP.

Warm regards,

Mitch in Oz.

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I reckon you could safely:

  • rinse it under the tap *
  • let it air dry
  • spin it on the player (without placing the needle) and run a normal brush on it

And that would probably return it to original state

  • Assuming your water is not too hard. Otherwise run some pure water over it (distilled)
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What a great idea. Thank you for bringing it to mind znai.

Warm regards,


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Please, don’t do that, you will ruin the record and the stylus.

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What would you suggest

Either the spin clean or this, disco anti star:

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I was about to offer the free use of my Moth RCM, but you live in Oz. Shame.

But a rinse under a tap to remove the debris, then a clean with isopropryl alcohol solution to remove water deposits will do a pretty good job.

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Return CD. Bust budget for a replacement. Be honest: the scratched record will continue to bug you until you finally replace it…


I would go to a record store or a hifi shop with a RCM and let it be cleaned.


Dear Christoph,

Thank you for your advice. I did a Google search a couple of days ago, and it came up with a service in Sydney, Australia.

Today after your advice, another possibly turned up in Melbourne, which would be two plus hour drive away. There is a phone number, and I will give them a call on Monday, tomorrow.

The service could still be in Sydney, 1,000 kilometers away. If so, hopefully, the staff in Melbourne can safely mail the album north. The charge is $5, which is great value to keep the original album.

Thank you for the prompt to have me search Google again.

Warm regards,

Mitch in Oz.

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