Broke my phono stage :(

I got a nice new LP for Xmas I wanted to try out. Something was not right and felt too bright. I remembered I had last time I had used the TT I had been playing around with cartridge loading. So I decided to adjust my load back to the recommended level for my cart. You have to plug in resistorsrather than use a switch to change the loading in my clearaudio phono stage. I had changed from stock resistors a few years ago to some from Hifi Collective hifi grade ones and moved the sq up a notch. However the wire is a bit thicker than the supplied ones so getting them in is not always easy.

It seems I applied too much pressure as the whole part that you put the resistor in detached from the circuit board. They look to have snapped completely off. So now I can only use it full open at 47k which is not ideal for my cartridge as it’s recommended load is 400ohms

I might be able to repair it but it’s made me think the design is a bit flawed. So maybe in the market for a new phono stage that is MC ready with multiple loads. Don’t want to break the bank as I don’t use Vinyl much these days. Stageline is out as I don’t want to have a large Naim PSU to run it and I only have an Atom. Been eyeing up Arcam rPhono as it seems to hit all my requirements, I like Arcams kit in general as it’s well built, sounds great and good value and can likely get a used one for a good price. However open to other ideas. Deck is ClearAudio Concept with the Concept MC cart.

Ouch, that’s bad news, my sympathies. I added a Vertere Phono 1 to my TMS this year, I’m very impressed with it, the music just flows. I think it’s about twice the price of the Arcam, so mid-way between it and a S/H SL (without PSU).

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Dynavector P75 worth a look.

Black box also worth a try

Perhaps one of these, depending on exact budget:

  • Schiit Mani
  • MoFi StudioPhono
  • Lehmann Black Cube (SE)

Trichord Dino (with or without separate psu) is well worth a listen.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I have gone for a used Arcam rPhono as I am familiar with their sound, i have found their products well built and reliable and it has more variable options that match closer to my current cart and it fits my current budget.

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Finally got the 2nd hand Arcam this week. Slowly getting it optimised. A lot warmer than the Nano was. I like it.

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