Broken shield on my Muso Qb

A little while ago I should try out a new cable and connect it to the optical-connection on the Qb, I then experienced that the shield broke loose, this surprised me a lot as I took care to not force the cable free, it was tight but I was patient and careful. I think this must be a flaw or production-mistake perhaps. This connection-type is a very vulnerable design, and why not add a decent coaxial-input to the Qb, that would be much better!
With greeting from Mr Morten Sørlie, Ski in Norway.

Welcome, talk to your dealer and get a replacement unit. The unit is not repairable…so they need to replace. Let us know how you get on.

Good, thanks; I have already made contact with my dealer and they are willing to service it. But what about the suggestion to add a good coaxial-input on the Qb? And take actions to upgrade the optical-input, replace the plastic to metalparts, or rather redesign totally?

With greetings! from Morten Sørlie

Morten, I think the choice of optical Toslink connector is probably sensible on a device such as this as most devices that people will want to connect such as TVs, consoles and the like will have only a Toslink s/pdif output. As for the Toslink sockets, I would guess that they are to Toslink standard and spec and used widely across the electronics industry. They certainly look similar to other Toslink connectors I’ve seen. I think the problem arises because there seems to be some variance in the size tolerances of Toslink connectors. Some fit well, others fit loosely, other combinations can be overly tight. As such, it does leave something to be desired, but it has become a de facto industry standard connection for optical digital signals.

My main gripe is the power and connections are pretty difficult to access on the current Muso.

Thanks for your answer! I still think it must be a good alternative to offer also a coaxial-input, this will cause no user-problem at all, and will also sound superior as the coaxial-cables is also better.

With greetings!

I agree with you! But not a serious problem, you would of course turn it around to have a better acess to these.

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