Broken SN2

Because of yesterday’s bad weather, I switched off the SN2 and other gear. Today I switched on everything to watch a Berlin Phil concert of Mahler’s Rueckert Lieder.

When the baritone went up a couple of gears, we could hear some nasty distortions. At first I blamed the recording, but no better with Schubert’s Unfinished. But maybe the Concert Hall didn’t have a good day. But unfortunately leaving the Concert Hall and instead streaming music produced the same result.

I did check the speaker and the DAC with my other system, and I did use the SN2 with different speakers. The finger points clearly to the SN2…

I am flabbergasted — what did the switch off and on break? I wished I had been lazy yesterday and didn’t switch off… I guess sending off the SN2 to Sheffield is unavoidable?

Perhaps try switching the fuse over first. There should be a spare in the plug housing on the SN2.

Try unplugging and cycling the power button on/off a few times.

Thanks guys, @cdboy and @Elfer — I’ll try my luck later today!

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