Bruce Springsteen Letter To You LPs: Etched Side 4

My copy of the new Springsteen album arrived over the weekend.

It’s on 2 LPs, but only three of the sides are playable, What would be the fourth/last side does not contain any music. Rather, it is a striking etching into the vinyl of a photo from the album cover. It’s strangely beautiful, but I hope that the idea doesn’t catch on. And, unless they’re very clever, I can’t imagine that anything similar is going on with the CD issue.

(I bought my copy via the USA, but I don’t imagine that European pressings are any different.)


Graham, my copy is the same. I bought the black & white marbled version direct from the UK Bruce store. Beautifully done, but I agree, a little unnecessary for side D. I think I’d have preferred it if he’d dropped a couple of songs and made one tight album.

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