Bryston BDP-3 Digital Player

With a BNC S/PDIF output “fully impedance matched and transformer coupled for the best possible digital audio transmission to the DAC of your choice”, USB and HDMI outputs and built-in support for Roon, Airplay and Tidal, the BDP-3 looks like a good candidate for feeding high quality DACs. Any experience in using the BDP-3 as a source for a Naim DAC? Thanks, nbpf

I have had a BDP-1 for many years which I have used as source with nDAC, with ND 555, and with various Hugo DACs. Sonically excellent using BNC spdif for Naim, and also USB to the Hugo DACs. Certainly worth a demo. I believe Basically Sound has a demo BDP-3 unit.
I hope to upgrade to a BDP-3 sometime.

Thanks for the feedback, the BDP-3 looks like a very interesting device to me. Do you know whether one can install MinimServer on the Bryston players?

I don’t know the answer to that but if you pose your query on the Bryston pages at AudioCircle, James or Chris from Bryston will most likely respond -

Do I see a Celeron NUC board inside?


Yes, they appear to use a “custom Intel Celeron” motherboard and “audio outputs are built upon our proprietary IAD Integrated Audio Device”. I am not sure what this means but I find it strange that while Melco, Innuos, dCS and, up to a certain extent, Antipodes devices are often discussed in conjunction with high quality DACs and streamers, the BDP-3 hardly gets mentioned. It seems a very well designed device.

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Qobuz is in the process of going live on the BDP platform this weekend. I have a beta version of it working on my ancient BDP-1. The BDP-1 processor is just about coping with higher resolution files - maybe it is time I upgraded to the BDP-3. Anyway, Qobuz fits very nicely into the Bryston MDP selection set-up and sound is of the usual Bryston excellence. More reason to investigate the BDP-3 for those interested in a neat server.

very good review of the Bryston in Qobuz magazine.

image image

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Thanks but I could not find the review. Could you please post a link? What I would be interested in is how the S/PDIF output of the BDP-3 compares to that of the DigiOne Signature when the latter is powered with a good linear power supply. I actually do not need anything more than the Signature but I would not mind investing in a server if this can run MinimServer and has exceptional clean S/PDIF outputs.

the mini review is on the qobuz france site, in the magazine hifi part.
It makes no comparing, just says that usb and spdif are very good.

Great, thanks!

The Qobuz report on the BDP-3 can be found on the Bryston section of AudioCircle - see link above.

A review of the BDP-3 is available from James Tanner at Bryston - see audiocircle.
If you contact him he will send you a copy.

Thanks, I have also found the review at Best, nbpf

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