BT Halo 3 question

BT have offered to upgrade my hub to a BT Halo 3 for and extra £1 per month. With home working (both of our jobs require VPNs), video and music streaming (oh and gaming for the children) happening through or BT Halo 2 have others upgraded and found it worthwhile? I just want to see what opinion is before pressing the button to go ahead (or not).

I have it and not that impressed so far. Still have dropouts of wifi that dont seem to be picked up by EE network

Hmm. Thanks. I don’t suffer really from drop outs that much; it’s more can it cope better with the Wi-Fi demands. But interesting that you do get them when there’s a promise there.

I have absolutely no problems with Halo-2, including BT cell phone SIM, no need to change.

What speed do you currently have and how many devices live on your network at peak?

I get between 60-100mb. Peak times up to 7 devices (streaming, VPNs for work, etc) may be running on the Wi-Fi. I have noticed that Roon really struggles at peak time (cutting out, etc) which is why I ended having a dac headphone amp coming from my computer rather than playing from my Nova.

Suspect your issues lie elsewhere. You shouldn’t be having any Roon issues with those speeds and that number of devices. We run at around 80Mbps with 14 devices live. Near to zero issues.

Hmm. Thanks for that info. Could it be distance? Perhaps a Wi-Fi extender is needed to boost the signal’s strength.

You can check for distance issues with a free app called WiFi SweetSpots, it shows signal strength as Mbps all around your property. Near the hub I get around 550, at the extremes where wifi still works without dropouts it’s around 50.

The BT Smarthub-2 ‘Disc’ (the black ones) made phone browsing accessible all over the house & the previously dead area in the garage. It doesn’t go that much further down the garden, but 25 to 35 metres from the house is all I need, browsing in the vegipatch & orchard is a madness I don’t have.

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