BT Outage

Well a couple of months after ditching Virgin media we have our first BT outage. Thankfully we have kept the EE mobile hybrid system which kicked in after a few minutes……yes it costs about £7 a month……but we are still £40 less than Virgin. I post this for those on BT that do-not have their hybrid broadband……a lifeline particularly if you work from home.


Following ‘upgrades’ to the local network last year (OpenReach changed the old analogue service to a new all-singing and dancing digital service) I’ve been on BT phone and broadband since last September. After several months it came to my attention that I was paying more than I expected. It transpired that this was due to the charge for the EE hybrid service, which I had not agreed. I therefore returned the EE equipment to BT and the additional charges were stopped.
Storm ‘Eunice’ in February brought down the powerlines nearby (and damaged my roof). The resulting power cut meant that, following the digital ‘upgrade’, the phone/broadband service could not work without the Hub (and the industry w :anchor: :anchor: :anchor: tell the customers that this is progress). I believe that the EE hybrid service would have also required the Hub to be powered up, so in these circumstances I failed to see any benefit.
Based on all of my dealings with various sections over the years, I have very negative views about the entire IT and mobile phone industry. A ‘customer service’ sector that offers anything but! Frankly I’d prefer to use Carrier Pigeons, if only the human race hadn’t done its usual trick of making the damned things extinct.

I’ve been with BT for years. When I started streaming I had BT/Openreach in to rip out, rationalise & renew the house connections and since then they have always delivered a top end faultless service, judged by the standards of the day.
I have the latest wireless hub & 74/19mb/s service with a contract up to 2024 that nothing will match at todays best offers.
I’ve recently moved from ADSL to digital, & love it.
I will look at FTTP when it becomes available to my local area, but 74 does all I need today.
I thought long & hard about the EE hybrid & frankly as I’ve never had a BT connection failure in the last 10 years or more, I don’t believe I need it, at least not in my situation.

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I use Virgin. M250 broadband, top of the range TV package and landline phone all for £45. If you’re paying £40 less than virgin for BT, BT must be giving you a very special deal. :grinning:

The company I work for has Virgin and BT. They use Virgin, but if it fails for some reason, they can quickly switch over to BT

We had a tv package and landline

Gazza you guys seem to get a lot of outages, is it normal?

Not really…….we have been unlucky combined with poor customer service with our last supplier, time will tell if this one is any better.

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