Bubble, Lumin & Naim app

More than one recent thread has discussed using bubble and Lumin. I thought I would share an interesting glitch I have come across.
If I leave a play queue on Lumin then close the app and use the naim app, my 272 suddenly started playing random tracks from the Lumin play queue and showing them as playing from my nas but actually saying “no tracks” in the naim app, so I couldn’t clear the play queue in the naim app.
Not sure if I’ve explained the problem but easily cured by closing the naim app and opening the Lumin app and then clearing its play queue.
I panicked when the naim app started behaving weirdly.
I love the naim app. Anyway hope this might help some members experimenting with Lumin.

I’ve seen similar behaviour with BubbleUPnP server, which I run on a Synology NAS. It seems to have a mind of its own, and as you say, just starts playing when it feels like it. I can see the track that’s playing in the Naim app when this happens. I guess that’s the price you pay for using unsupported workarounds, but it’s easily remedied by turning off Bubble until you next need it.

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Your description is probably more accurate than mine -it’s the BubbleUPnP server that’s interfering but obviously I was using Lumin to clear it. Turning it off on the nas is a better cure.

Yes, I find that stopping play in the app isn’t enough. If you want to leave the NAS running for other purposes, just log in and stop Bubble running, no need to turn off the whole thing.

I’ve noticed a similar bug when using Kazoo to play thought Bubble on my NAS. After a playlist or album finishes and stop playing on my SuperUniti, it looks like Bubble keeps playing the last track forever - Well, until I notice it and chose more music to play. A bit annoying especially when I noticed the next morning that it was playing all night (or at least that’s what it looks like to me)

I’m thinking of getting an innuos Zen and not have to go through these work-arounds.

I suspect the problem is Bubble rather than Kazoo, but yes, an Innuos server would more than likely be a better solution.

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I hope to test out the innous Mini this weekend. Just arranged a home demo with my local dealer. Pretty sure it runs a copy of Logitech Media Server. Guess will find out, once I have it, if it’s as good as using Bubble.

I think you’ll find it’s much nicer to use than Bubble. It has native Tidal and Qobuz, or you can try Roon.

Yes, quite excited to try the Zen Mini with Tidal and hopefully in Roon mode as well. Will also be reviewing Qobuz for the next three months so perfect timing to see how they all sound.


the behavior is not a bug, but technically not to solve.

If you control the music with the naim app you control the playlist that is handled by the naim streamer.

If you control the music with lumin or kazoo you control the playlist that is handled by the bubble upnp server (BUS).

BUS works this way: It tells the streamer to play the first track. Now BUS is waiting until the track has finished. So BUS is “watching” the naim streamer in the meantime. Then BUS tells the streamer to play the next track and so on.

If you now have tracks in the BUS playlist that have not yet be played and start to control the naim streamer with the naim app, you fill the naim streamer’s playlist. This usually is played until it’s end or until you press stop.

Then BUS again detects that the streamer has finished and so tells the streamer to play the next yet unplayed track from the BUS playlist. So the streamer starts playing again.

If you do not want this to happen you need to clear the BUS playlist before starting to use the naim app.


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