Bubble, minim & lumin?

I have been using MinimServer with no problems on my Synology nas via the naim app to 272 but decided I wanted to make life a little more complicated so I have installed BubbleUPnP on the nas and it says it’s up and running.
In order to control it I have installed Lumin on my iPad and it all works fine - I think! My question is how do I know I am using bubble? Everything on lumin points at minim and the 272 and nothing says that bubble is working. Tidal working fine through lumin.
Have I just substituted lumin for the naim app or am I actually using bubble.
Also I cannot access bubble from my windows pc to try putting in iradio stations.
Help and advice greatly appreciated

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If you haven’t already you need to configure Bubble to set your 272 as an OpenHome renderer. You then connect to that.

Why would you want to use Bubble to stream from your loal NAS though?

I think lumin has done that and it all works fine. My reason is because many on this forum believe that Tidal sounds better this way.
My problem is just that I’m not sure I’m using bubble because nowhere in my control app (lumin) does it refer to bubble. My library is still minim and lumin points at the 272.
How do I get radio paradise via this setup?
Thank you for your help

Can you explain what minimserver is and how it works via the Naim app into a 272?

I have a 272 but no nas.
I only listen to Tidal.
I want to get Tidal via a proxy server for better sq.
But ideally I would like to use the Naim app to play music.


Jimdog that’s basically what I’m doing. I have MinimServer installed on my Synology nas and it manages my ripped cd’s and all works well through the naim app which incidentally I think is brilliant.
Having read lots of posts on here I have installed bubble upnp on my Synology nas and that cannot be controlled by the naim app, I think, so I installed Lumin because I use an iPad and I don’t think there is a bubble control app for ios.
I am not sure how I know that lumin is using bubble and I cannot enter iradio stations to bubble.

Sorry, I don’t use Lumin but there should be an option to connect to Tidal.

Thanks there is options for tidal and quboz and tidal works fine.
Sorry if I’m not being clear everything works fine. I just don’t know if I am using bubble or whether lumin is just using MinimServer and 272 without bubble.
Plus how do I access bubble in order to add iradio streams?
Thanks again

The Lumin app can see Minimserver, but it can only play from it via Bubble. If you’re not convinced, try turning off Bubble on your NAS, and you should see that your 272 is no longer visible to the Lumin app.
As far as I’m aware, you can’t use this for iRadio - just use the Naim app.

Can’t you just turn mimiserver off?

ChrisSU, thanks for your help and I did try turning off bubble just now.
Lumin is nothing like as good to use as the naim app but Tidal sq is significantly improved.
Shame it can’t enhance radio paradise

I agree, the usefulness of the Bubble/Lumin workaround is really just the improved Tidal sound quality, although it’s also useful if you want to use Qobuz on your 272. For everything else, I would just use the Naim app.
You could also try the Linn Kazoo app.

I’ve tried this very thing the other week. Installed Bubble and used the Lumin app to play Tidal. Unfortunately neither I or my missus heard any significant improvement in Tidal. So I’ve now gone back to minim and the Naim app which is so much more intuitive to use. Using the Lumin app was like using windows 95. :wink:

Where did you install Bubble Server ?

are you asking me Guinnless? I installed Bubble on my Qnap NAS, same place where I have minimServer installed.

Now I’m even more confused!

So what route do the instructions take from your control device to the Tidal server - and then what router do the Tidal files take when they are sent to your Naim streamer?

In each of the 2 cases you describe i.e. using bubble vs minim?

I don’t have a NAS, but would like to improve SQ from Tidal - but ideally keep the Naim app.

Reading the previous posts here, I have a feeling that maybe I’ve not setup Bubble properly. And I was just streaming Tidal the same way I would be in the Naim app. Hence why the SQ was the same…? I’m not sure. Will need to look further into this. As for your question, I think you can install Bubble server software on Windows or Mac, if you don’t have a NAS. This way you can use the Lumin app to play Tidal and get the SQ upgrade. Sadly, You won’t be able to use the Naim app in this way.

Hi ChrisSU

Can I install bubble on my laptop, which is worelessly connected to my isp router, and install Linn Kazoo on my iPad to control Tidal?

And will the actual Tidal files then be sent into my laptop for transcoding and then out from there wirelessly back to the router en route to my 2 switches and the 272?

And should that sound better than the files going direct into router, then the 2 switches and 272?


You can run BubbleUPnP server on a wide variety of operating systems, so it should work fine in a laptop, although I have only tried it on a Synology NAS. The Tidal stream will go via that device, so yes, a more roundabout route than native Tidal on Naim. Having said that, I run Roon on a laptop, and it essentially does the same thing. It seems to work fine, even over WiFi. Give it a try.

thanks - will do

I suppose even if all the Tidal files go via wifi twice betwen router and laptop, as long as the data arrives in bit perfect form at the 272, the wifi legs should make no difference.

I see no reason why the level of noise should be increased - except that the router is doing a bit more wifi work than normal.

But then the router is usually doing lots of wifi work all day with 4 other people in the house with smartphones.

So I should accrue the benefit of transcoding to wav? - Is that why it sounds better than streaming FLAC files directly from Tidal, so it gives the 272 less to do?

@Guinnless - should I configure Bubble to set my 272 as an OpenHome renderer if I’m just using it to stream Tidal files?

Is Bubble/Kazoo generally considered to give better SQ and usability than Bubble/Lumin? Or is there anything better to use as an app?

I was yes. I suspected that you had just stuck it on the NAS by your disappointing results. It really needs to be on its own device. Mine is on a Raspberry Pi but it worked just as well on an old Windows laptop.