Bubble Server Won't connect

is this it? Oops. just saw you images, this looks like it.


I got as far as installing Container Station from the QNAP repository, opened it up and it said a minimum of 4GB RAM is recommended and just as it said that the stream from the NAS to the ND5 XS2 died probably down to insufficient RAM :rofl: Uninstalled Container Station and the NAS to streamer is fine again.Until such time as I add some RAM I’ll need to find another solution. All I really want it for is to downsample hi-res streams from the NAS to my Sonos speakers. They seem to handle 24/44.1 OK but barf at anything better than that.

I think it’s working it’s giving me the transcode option now.


If you dont have the ram then Qnap club is the one then. No idea why that doesn’t work for you.

Which one did you go for?

the one you said to use with your images above. I did exactly as you said. I don’t really know what all of this is doing though. lol

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All it does is createa virtual operating system and a disk image on your storage. Containers contain the basic os and code to run an application and can run on any computer that runs docker. Windows,Mac Linux they all can run the same containers.

Well it’s not liking something, Kazoo cues up my playlist but doesn’t play.

Ok that makes sense. I used virtual ware for my mac to run window years ago.

I only have 4gb of RAM so I wonder if I’m pushing my QNAP to the limit.

So it won’t play my Tidal playlist (Kazoo) even if I disable transcoding.

Possibly. I have 8gb on mine and it’s TX-451 pro so not a new model. You can reduce the memory allocated to the container but not sure that will help.

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Back to the drawing board I guess.

Qobuz plays ok for me. Tbh audio transcoding isn’t taxing so it should work fine. Can you check the stats of you Nas to see if it’s being overloaded. Use system resource monitor to check.

This doesn’t seem like it should be too taxing. I wonder if I didn’t get a setting correct.

There is only one to set, which is that network for the container. If you set it wrong in bubble then possibly. I use the bubble app as well as I dont use iOS. But it’s using the server to do the transcode.

You did create an openhome renderer?

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Yep, I disabled the container and restarted Bubble and I’m back to not being able to transcode but at least it works. It sounds good but I’d love to hear it transcoded to WAV.

Very odd how it doesnt work. Have no issues at all. No hiccups does what it says on the tin. Maybe the model of NAS I guess. I can get both the container and QNAP clubs QBubbleUPnP to work fine.

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I deleted the container and will try to install it again later tonight and see if I can get it to work. I wish it worked.

I want to try the ffmpeg. So there is no TS-NASX64_64 option on that QNAP club dl.

Will any of these work? Or am I not dl the correct qpkg?


NASX86_64 should be the one.

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