Bubble UPnP - Tidal 16 bit / Qobuz 24bit

I was using both and could have swore Tidal on some tracks was 24bit, Qobuz is clearly 24 bit when the respective tracks are played.

Read up elsewhere and no very clear, to me I think the limitation is Bubble UPnP as in only support Tidal upto 16 bit.

Or am I missing something.

Tidal is 16bit only.

BubbleUpnp is limited to 16 bit Tidal likely only because it does not support MQA. Qobuz streams 24 bit non MQA so Bubble could handle the stream without any big code tweaks. That’s just my take on it, I’m sure there may be other reasons too.

Thanks guys here was me missing Qobuz 24 bit (not the content though) thinking I could Bubble to 24 bit.

I suspect I am not alone in finding it difficult to understand the complexities of musical reproduction beyond the basics of source, amplification and loudspeakers. An idiots’ guide would be appreciated by me and, I suspect, many others. The Forum contributions assume a level of knowledge. Contributors have always been helpful with my questions and forgiving of my ignorance. Thank you all for that!
My particular question is whether there is any use/point in Bubble UPnP now I have Roon. I use Qobuz sublime hi-res
Here’s hoping!

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My opinion is that BubbleUpnp is no longer needed if you are using Roon. You are using a Roon rock (server/laptop) to a Roon endpoint (streamer/device) which completely bypasses BubbleUpnp

Thanks. That’s nice and simple

There have been a fistful of old members who seemed to have dug into every secret of these complexities; the problems are that a) not all of them are here presently, or I don’t recognize them, and b) that often their explanations were so rich and articulated, and so inside technicalities that not a few of us have lost interest in streaming for what I’d call and excess of options and the complexity of reducing them to a simple, satisfying setup. As far as informatics are concerned, the quest for perfect sound makes the Odyssey look like a run downstairs to buy the missing milk.

Best wishes

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Thanks Max. I am glad it is not only me!

Believe me, it’s not.


If you have Roon then no it’s really redundant using BubbleUpnp. But they can live happily in tandem with each other without causing any harm. I was using it up until Qobuz was added to Roon. But know it’s been removed as I have no need for uPnP at all.

There is no need for a upnp server if you are using roon to manage your main music sources. One replaces the other in functionality.

I’ve taken a look at Roon. $500 for a good database with UPnP facilities, great graphics and interlaced indexes is not cheap. In my tiny informatics world, I have checked and re-ordered all the tags of my AppleLossless files (one song out of London Grammar’s Truth is a beautiful thing was tagged differently from the other 11…) and have discovered the convenient pleasure of listing my music by genres. iTunes is not so bad.

Interesting did not realize Roon Core could directly replace Bubble, but to be honest the hold reading album covers and sorting is not an issue, given Roon is circa £100 a year for £500 for a lifetime membership, then add the price of a Core (i don’t want a laptop/pc sat around as a server, then add an annual £250 for Qobuz Sublime or Tidal - minimum £250 a year without even adding in the Core.

On that topic as Max mentions $500 for a Core, what are people using here laptops/pcs, ideally IF i was to i’d like a box that just gets hidden away and does it’s thing (like Raspberry Pi).

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