BubbleUPnP like for Windows?

At home I use BubbleUPnP running on my Windows PC in Android emulator. I want to have the same functionality on my works PC but I’d rather not run an Android emulator (it slows the PC down and makes updates a pain). Is there a DNLA client control programme I can use on windows which will give the functionality of BubbleUPnP? Basically choose music and ‘send’ to the player (renderer). Renderer volume control would be good as well; just like Bubble.

Windows itself perhaps?


Thanks but I was after a little more control. I’ve discovered MediaMonkey does it!

Looks like the MuSo is one step closer to the office :slight_smile:

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I use Foobar2000 to upnp files from a PC. Works excellent. There is a upnp output component, which needs to be installed.

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