BubbleUpnp on QNAP. help With setup

It’s a few weeks ago but ISTR it said something along the lines of ‘not enough memory’.

Something like that. Once I get around to dragging the dresser out from the wall I’ll give it another go.

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Hi @elverdiblanco
All good now, fully working.
I went to CrystalGypsy post and found I was missing a step; I was not setting network to host.
Thank you once again.

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Hi @solwisesteve
Thank you for your help.
I have solved it now by creating a container following @elverdiblanco advise.
Thank you once again for giving your time.

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Well done, I thought it must be a simple fix. Now that it is up and running you can just let it run in the background and forget about it safe in the knowledge that even after a firmware update it will keep on running.

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