BubbleUPnP Qobuz 24bit

3rd time trying Qobuz vs Tidal (transcending to WAV), this time I noticed even when I select 24bit tracks, they still show as 16bit ???

From a ripped track all fine ???

I experienced this, seemed intermittent as sometimes it would display correctly. I have since moved to Roon but at the time used the Naim app to confirm the actual bit rate, which was as expected. Then I just ignored what bubble was saying.

Ahh will check the Naim app when home.

Same in the Naim app, should be 24bit / 88khz

Have you definitely not got 24 >16 bit conversion on in the bubble app and server? Also Qobuz is quite noted for getting the sample rate info wrong on albums and tracks. Have you tried the same the tracks via Qobuz app and ChromeCast to see?

Check your Qobuz login details on Bubble to make sure you have selected the correct subscription.

Have you got the Qobuz max audio quality set to 16/44? Depending on what device you’re running it on, you should be able to set this to 24 bit:

Many thanks all, @Guinnless got it, I forgot/thought I’d set it correctly, obviously not.

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Thanks Chris will also check that, maybe a mismatch between the app and the server

Having a bit of an issue, I was certain (not 100%) that I did not have the Nova setup as the Openhome option, as now i have both the Openhome home and without, which is causing a few issues (streamer confused sometimes).

You need to use the Openhome one only. Hide any others in the settings.

Hi Obsidian
Could you hear a difference between the same track with the lower and the higher sampling frequencies and bit rates on Qobuz?
Also, did you end up comparing SQ between the same recordings on Tidal and Qobuz?

Hi @JimDog, thinking back I would say subtle, I spent a fair bit of time flip flopping the same tracks Tidal vs Qobuz 24bit, I gave up and kept both.

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