BubbleUPnP server update

I have been using BubbleUPnP server (on a Synology NAS) to provide Qobuz access for a number of legacy Naim streamers. I have had the issue (reported by others as well) of tracks stopping playing before the end. I contacted the developers and following the provision of some debug logs they have very kindly implemented a much larger buffer in the latest release (as a temporary file so able to cope with long audio tracks) which allows BubbleUPnP to read the stream from Qobuz more quickly and feed it to the streamer as needed - apparently this avoids an issue with Qobuz dropping the connection. This has been implemented in the latest release (0.9 Release 46) which is now available to download. This additional facility can be disabled (see release notes).

My testing certainly shows it to be much more robust, however I cannot be definitive as I have had some internet issues and don’t have many hours on it yet. Probably worth a try if you are experiencing the issue of tracks stopping early.


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