Have just loaded BubbleUPNP onto Mac and am now streaming Qobuz via Kazoo to my ND5 XS. Seems a good workaround until I upgrade the streamer that has Qobuz built in. I presume that the computer needs to be awake and not sleep for this to keep working, is this correct?

Yes you will need to have the upnp software running somewhere.

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Thank you for the reply. I have discovered that it does, indeed, stop streaming when the Mac dozes off. At least I can listen to hires Qobuz now while working! :+1:

I had the bubble software running on a NAS which worked well to stream Qobuz to my SU. You could try one. It just sits in the corner and doesn’t go to sleep :grin:

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Thanks, maybe something to think about as I don’t have a NAS, but use a Core for my music.

A RPI ( with Bubble installed ) connected to the router is the right choice …always on ( works fine in my setup )

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Problem is I prefer Apple Pie… :wink:

As you prefer …but the SQ is better with RPI

Seems to work just fine and Qobuz sounds much better streaming via the Mac into the ND5 XS than Tidal going direct. As I intend to upgrade soon, I can live with it.


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