Buchardt S400 with XS2

Hi all

Wondering if anyone has any experience of the S400 with the XS2 Amplifier. I got the amp 3 months ago and have been really impressed. Now looking to upgrade from Monitor Audio Bronze. Interested in matching and power thoughts and views.

Many thanks

What is/are your source(s)?

I don’t know these Buchardt speakers, but they look quite interesting, albeit with a nominal 4 ohm load, I’d be wary of their minimum impedance.

I’m waiting for Buchardt to produce passive floorstanders, they would be tempting.
I currently use MA Bronze floorstanders with my XS3 and they are fantastic, ive resisted upgrading because I’m concerned I won’t get that sound again.
Should I just keep them?
The S400 look nice.

Sources are a Lindeman Limetree Network and a Shinola x VPI Turntable. The system sounds great but feel I need speakers that better match the rest.

I have a newly purchased XS2 with ATC SCM 11 speakers which although low sensitivity 84 db/ 1watt at 1 metre are an easy load as their impedance hardly drops below 6 ohms. They sound amazing on HiFi rack stands with a very fast sound with punchy base and a great top end. Absolutely delighted with them and the have a 5 year warranty.

In my second system i have CDX2 Nait XS (original)+ HC-DR into S400. The amp is very well uup to the job. The S400 are pretty much an easy load.


thats really helpful thanks Roberto

My pleasure !

Probably worth saying that Buchardt S400 and Naim Ovator S400 are different speakers.

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