Budget Second system

I have a pair of ProAc Response 1SC languishing in the attic so I’m thinking about a second system based upon a streaming and or CD ripping platform. I don’t want to spend a whole lot of cash…2k tops. Any views and recommendations?

Conversely sell the proacs to fund a MUso 2nd gen?

One of the previous generation Unitis?

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The Atom is very good and pairs with ProAcs sound signature really well. You can get a used one for under 2k and it has the advantages of the new streaming platform so has more relevant features to today’s streaming services.


If you already have a pc and storage then consider a Nait2 cb (other Naits are available) :slight_smile: and an auction site purchase of a squeezbox or similar plus dac. Qutest plus nait2 plus a sqbx should clear 2k.

The previous Uniti’s are very good value and mine has been very stable throughout its 5 year life, be aware that there is a possible issue with OLED screen fade, (not limited to Uniti’s btw).


Refurbished Atoms are starting to appear in dealers for about £1550, would imagine they come with warranty, seems a great deal to match your Proacs.
Also, if CD is critical, for a bit more refurbished Stars are about £2400.

I’d get a second hand Uniti 2 or Superuniti, and an olive 250. That would total about £2k. Then you get e.g. Flashback Sales to make you a 4 pin to 3 pin cable, or buy a Naim one, connect the preamp out from the Uniti to the 250, and you have a mega system for reasonable outlay. I use a Uniti2 into a pair of 135s that way and the sound is terrific! Flashback made me a 4 pin cable which splits into two three pin cables for the 135s. You’d have streaming, wifi, FM (possibly), Spotify, Tidal, cd and analogue inputs too.

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I agree. As a previous owner of a Superuniti, it would be excellent just as is, driving your Proacs. Then you could add whatever amp you like later on, and it would be even excellenter (that’s a word to disturb the perfect English group). Lol.



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