Budget turntables

Just checked it’s available here and under (just) budget. I’ll definitely check it out, thanks.

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Has a unipivot tonearm which I’m a fan of

Might do the trick for you who knows

You’re on your way to nirvana :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Yes, I just made the edit as it was a picture from a sales page and had pricing etc… (I put in the model names/numbers instead)

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My first wife said that and if you’ve got a spare 3 days I’ll tell you how that ended. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Some tables are advertised as ‘plug and play’, like the Rega Planar 1 - most include a phono stage in the package (like the Projekt) and sometimes inside the table itself. The Roksan Attessa in particular looks to match what you want and to be (just) inside your budget.

However, looking at eBay & Gumtree for what is available around Sydney suggests that an older LP12 or Roksan Xerxes or one of the better Rega/ Projekt/ Thorens/Clearaudio TTs could be had for well under AUD1500, and a second-hand phono stage (e.g. Musical Fidelity, Projekt, Thorens and others) for less than AUD500. looking at ads today, you could even have a Garrard 401 if you wanted!

If unsure about buying from eBay, talking to the local dealers may still produce a non-new bargain like a not very old Rega P6, Clearaudio Concept, Avid Ingenium or Thorens TD160 inside your price range. Going ex-dem or second-hand should make a better grade of table available to you, if you have the patience.

Sydney has several good dealers worth calling. The journeys to a dealer are more of an issue if you live in most Australian states - try being in most of WA or Tasmania!

Good luck!


I recently upgraded my 40 year old turntable and bought a refurbished Rega P25 turntable with a Hana cartridge. It was comparable to a P6 at half the price. Great synergy with my active Nac 52, Nap 250-2s, stageline system.

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Ha ha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t have any hands-on experience with the project tables, but as Richard Dane suggests, I would checkout Technics. The SL-1500C fits your budget and I think the deck itself will be hard to beat by the competition. The cartridge and phono stage (I’m not familiar with the latter) can always be upgraded later if you ever fancy.

Been there done that :+1:

Have to say looking on eBay for a turntable never crossed my mind, think I’d be a bit scared. I kind of like the reassurance of a dealer to fall back on if needed.

Only the P1 has a phono stage built in

Have a look at Dual TT’s ( German manufactured evidently) from our illustrious friend


I’m calling him tomorrow and I’m also in Sydney till Friday

@Pete_the_painter -don’t panic!

Several sellers on eBay and Gumtree look to be dealers. Dealers get kit back as people upgrade and have ex-dem kit for sale at times.

Buying a built-is phono stage is more convenient but not vital - there are lots of stages you could buy for a few hundred dollars from your budget.

Of course, getting a tatty-looking LP12 may be more bother than buying the Project package, but it will bring some magic now and look at what it could become in a few years of your vinyl interest persists.

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Good condition used LPs from before mid 80s sound amazing. Sadly some digital remastering is like MP3 on vinyl!

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That’s my concern also a lot of vinyl delivered to friends has to be sent back for various reasons.

Good - my personal view is when one is considering purchasing a TT it pays to go through a dealer rather than any of those advertising sites

And get the warranty plus the personal service if anything goes amiss

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I’ve had a couple which weren’t up to stratch so to speak but overall I’ve got to say I’m quite impressed with the quality

Maybe I’ve been lucky

Might have been suggested in prior posts, but a Rega P3 + their Fono MM stage should fit the bill nicely. If later you want to venture in MC then the Fono MM should be easy to sell and the Fono MC is quite reasonable too.

Don’t tell Mrs Pete you’re thinking of doing this

I know where it’s going to end up :grinning::grinning: