Building first Naim system

I am looking to build my first Naim system. Current system is Linn Majik-1 integrated amp, Linn Mimik CD player and Linn Toukan speakers. This is a system I purchased 40 years ago. Despite its age, it still sounds beautiful.

I’ve been thinking about upgrading so I listened to the new NSC222 last week along with the Nac272 which it replaced. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any other components from the New Classic series. The difference between the 272 and the 222 was significant. The 222 was more energetic and detailed.

I would be interested in opinions on the likely differences between the 222 and the NDX2. I will use Qobuz.

I would also be interested in opinions about the Nap250, previous model or New Classic version, and, the 300 DR.

I may keep the Toukan speakers initially.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Have you thought about a new streamer? 2nd thought new speakers. Im 70 and dont see any real point in spending $$$
You might consider some of the Focal Headphones.

There is a thread on the forum NDX2 vs NC222

Have a look at that as a starter



The NAP250, in whichever of its five(?) iterations, is a wonderful amplifier. I have, and love, the Olive version, which I bought in 1990 and it hasn’t missed a beat in over 30 years. It will be going back to Salisbury for its first ever service and recap shortly.

That said, a pair of Olive NAP135s (which I also have) are better yet - one of Naim’s best ever products. I certainly wouldn’t trade them in for a NAP300DR, which is their effective replacement.

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If it still sounds beautiful to your ears, keep it, add a preloved streamer - akurate or selekt, and save yourself £10/15K… :thinking:

Have a good Sunday

Listening yourself is vital when spending this sort of money.

I had 30 years using a 250, but assumed that once my 82 was replaced with a 52 I would get the matching 135s I had always regarded as ‘end-game’ from hearing other people’s hi-fis.

I got the 52 and eventually went looking for 135s. Given what they cost now if serviced, I was advised to hear a 300DR too.

I would rather have stuck to olive kit and kept it simple and I had already heard and dismissed a non-DR 135, but I couldn’t discount what me ears said - the 300DR was to my ears and in my system and room clearly better - and better value.

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