Bump from normal to mute in 252

Good morning guys. I recently switched from SCDR / 282 to SCDR / 252. when I had the 282 and put it in mute mode nothing happened. Now with the 252 when I mute and unmute I hear a bump from the speakers. Can this be normal? I state that it does not always do this. I also tried turning off the SCDR and letting the capacitors discharge, but it keeps doing it. Do you have any news about it? Thank you

I had a 252 and SCDR with 250DR and there was no noise when muting or unmuting (the same now I have 300DR). I have no suggestion as to what might be causing it for you though.

Thanks Clive. I’ve already heard from my dealer. I hope some experts here can give me some advice. the 252 works well, there is only this thing I need to understand

What sources do you have connected to the NAC252?

Hi Richard. Only ndx2 with xps dr.

Does changing the signal earth switch position make any difference? If it’s just an NDX2 then would probably be best set to Chassis. Also make sure only the DIN is on for output.

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thanks for the insights Richard. later I come home and try to do what you told me.

hi Richard. I checked. ndx2 has only din output selected and the signal ground is on default. i checked and everything is properly attached.

OK thanks. Maybe @NeilS can offer a view here…


Hi Fcodamo,

Could you elaborate on the intensity & frequency of the bump?
Is it at “I fear for my speakers” kind of level?
Is it a low end bump or more of a midrange noise?
Is it on both channels?


hi Neil. it’s an average noise. sometimes it is weaker and sometimes stronger. it is more intense from the left channel. I try to attach a small video.

Ooh - that’s not right. There’s definitely some DC leaking through.
It’s going to need some TLC I’m afraid.


ok Neil, thanks. I have already spoken to my dealer who I believe has spoken to Mark. wrote me that it may be a tantalum capacitor. bho, it’s brand new …

I had a 252/300 for 18 years and never a sound muting/unmuting…

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