Burn in period - music variety?

After trying a demo in its intended room, I just bought a new Mu-so Qb Ver. 2.

The dealer cautioned that at first the new unit wouldn’t sound like the demo unit, and would only do so after a burn in period of about 200 hours (subjectively, the new unit does sound somewhat thinner than the demo unit).

Would it be best to play or stream a wide variety of music during the burn in period?

Many thanks.

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Just play your music and enjoy it. I wouldn’t worry about burn in but if you feel you must just leave it playing low when you are ou to speed it up

Dayjay’s given you excellent advice that I wouldn’t quibble with, but if you want to try something a bit off the beaten path that at least some people think is worth the money, there’s Tellurium Q’s System Disc. I won’t post a link (to stay within forum AUP) but it shouldn’t take you long to find it online.


Agree pretty much with the other replies. I never worry about running in new gear, just use it as normal. That being said, I do find the system usually sounds even better once new kit has been used for a bit. Sometimes this is not evident until you play a track for the first time with the new bit of kit and you notice the difference, other times I think it creeps up on you and you notice that you are doing more serious and focused listening than you have done recently.

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Thanks very much for this. I downloaded and cast to my wireless speaker, several times, Tellurium’s “System and Cable Burnin” WAV file (which is Terrulium’s download equivalent of its system disc CD). The speaker does sound better now.

Glad it’s been useful. I leave my CD of it playing about once a week whilst the house is empty - it doesn’t seem to do any harm and I suspect it does some good.

At the risk of going down a certain rabbit hole, another disc which is an interesting ‘testing’ listen is the Ultimate Stereo Hearing and Equipment Refresher (catchy title, no?) CD. It seems to be out of print, but if you can track down a s/h copy somewhere, you might find it interesting.


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