Burn in: the head unit or the ps or both?

Hi there, so I just got my new nd555 head unit installed in my living room, and so I wonder…
As a longtime naim customer I am aware of the hard (for me) burn in period which I always had to deal with.
Now this time may be different because I just switched the burndies from my CDP 555 to the new ND head unit, so both ps and burndies are already burned in…so does a new ND555 head unit still require a burn in period?

All components that have anything to do with electricity will ‘burn in’ over time until they reach their optimum sound. The head unit is no different and being more complex in terms of what it does than a PS there are most likely more parts that benefit from extended use.

On the nd555 impressions thread @Darkebear posted about his burn in period with used cd555 ps x2 and used burndies. It takes quite a while, though most changes are obvious in the first couple of months.

Hi Steve, thanks. I understand. I am also trying to understand how long I have to suffer. One day in, I feel sound with much to like but a bit odd.

@Nestor_Burma I do not have direct experience with the ND555 but other 500 series components I have certainly show changes for the positive during the first 6 months. Not sure how this compares to everyone else’s experience however but the first 2 months there are many ups and downs.

It is a long way to Buffalo!

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