Burn-in time for Dac

I just bought a new Denafrips Pontus Dac. The sound changing all over the place these first few days. Lack of details, compressed soundstage, bloated bass, and then today the bass does not reach deep at all. I have experienced strange burn-in periods before. Does anyone here have experince with Dac`s needing long burn-in time?
Even as much as 500-1000 hours?

What did it sound like when you auditioned it?

I was under the impression that Denafrips exposed their DACs to 100 hours of burn in before shipping to customers … that’s what I was told when I purchased my Denafrips Terminator and I must admit to not having experienced the acoustical swings that you’ve reported … I bought my unit at the beginning of October …

Thanks. I was I contact with Alvin. He recommended 10 days of play before critical listening. I will wait until then for further comments.

This out of balance presentation that I experienced seems to have stabilized after 100 hours of burn in. Now I enjoy the sound, actually it sounds incredible.

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