Burndy and SNAIC between NAC 552 & 552PS

Hi Guys, a used 552 and 552PS came along and I am considering getting it, but the set had lost all its cables. While I am able to get them new from my local Naim Dealer, I do have a spare SNAIC but just not sure if it is the right one. Please advise.

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That… is a (Black) SNAIC-4 - with 4 pins.
Unfortunately, you need a SNAIC-5 - the 5 pin version.

The ID on it, is who made it, at Salisbury. Not anything to do with its type.

SNAIC’s of all types (Black & Grey, 4 & 5 pin) can be found, happily slithering around, on eBay… :snake:

Thanks so much, will check out ebay first.
Are all SNAIC 5 pin to 5 Pins the same?
I rem now, this SNAIC 4 was used between the 82 and 180

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All 5 pin SNAICs are the same - in terms of their connectivity - Black or Grey.

But - beware - some people call any Naim interconnect a ‘SNAIC’. What you need is a genuine Naim SNAIC - probably could be had for say £40, pre-loved.

Here is the full array of DIN pin outs:

A Naim SNAIC-5 has 240 degree 5 pin plugs on both ends - and not 180 degree 5 pins (which is the standard for signal leads).


Thank you so much!

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Lots are on eBay UK, at present, starting from £35 upwards.

Black is considered ‘better’ and is the current version. A 552 deserves the best… :slightly_smiling_face:

Quite cheap, compared to the Burndy you will need… :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:


See the FAQ here about SNAIC ID.

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That’s pretty weird, no?


Exactly what I thought. I’d be wary of anyone selling a component of the 552’s value without something as fundamental as the snaic & burndy. Very odd indeed. What is the seller’s explanation, assuming you asked?


Yes, the seller had just relocated from Japan and his box with all his cables was lost by the shipping company.
Previously I got the 135s from him and I had to get the cables from my local dealer.

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Fair enough :+1:t2:

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Hi, have anyone shipped / driven the 552 without the transit bolt?
How much damage can it do? I am trying to look for a good internal photo of the 552 to figure out how the brass chassis & coil springs works.
There is a clacking sound when I carried and shake the 552, not sure if it is normal and I am concerned that the springs may be damaged during shipping.
Besides sending it back to my local dealer for a check, is there anything I can do?

@Richard.Dane may be able to help you… :thinking:

Naim did not intend the 552 to be transported without its transit bolt(s)… :open_mouth:

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That’s fully normal. Gently carrying around the 552 at home without the locking screws is no problem. But one shall not ship it without and not lean it too much or invert it without them.

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Its seems like the OP is saying this one has been shipped without its bolt(s) in place…??

I would want it checked over thoroughly. A NAC552 has transit bolts for a very good reason!

Yes, the owner shipped it back from Japan without the transit bolt.
I picked it up from his place yesterday and I drove it home without it as well.
The sound of the brass chassis is quite worrying, although it is little compared to it during shipping :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Yup, will definitely get it checked.
few days ago there is a change of distributor for Naim in Singapore after 30+ years, so it a little messy to speak to anyone for awhile.

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