Burndy cable banding

I’m about to hook up my 300DR for the first time (a dream) and noticed a yellow band underneath the outer back webbing that is on one end of the Burndy cable on each cable. Is there any significance to this? Should it be nearest to the amp or PS?

The two Burndy cables appear to be the same, no left or right.

Also the audio outputs on my 272 say analog outputs, the back of my PS says audio input, do these go together?

Avoid the Burndy’s on the ground or across other cables, correct?


The manual is your friend here:

amplifiers_reference-manual_english_issue5.pdf (naimaudio.com)

Page E35 re the NAP300 connections - and the general connections to other kit are within the same manual.

And, yes, ensure the burndies don’t touch the ground and/or other cables.

Best to site the power supply to the right of the amplifier head unit if you have 2 racks.

The banding on the Burndy goes at the 300 head unit end. The Burndy cables aren’t handed.

The DIN to XLR cables are - green band Ch1, red band Ch2 on the 300 head unit. Connect as you say to the two analogue 4 pin DIN outputs on the 272.

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I’ve installed my 300DR, but can only have a single stack Fraim (little chance of agreement for a double, which I would prefer). It’s a compromise I know but
the levels I’ve gone with are:

(LP12 wallshelf)
Superline & Violectric HPA

This means the 300 Burndys are very close to the ground and do touch it. If I swapped its position with the SCDR it may help solve the ground issue, but would welcome any advice/experiences/suggestions before I try this.

Sorry to hijack, OP! Hopefully, this may be of interest…

Can you hook some string around one of the higher rear Fraim posts and lift the burndies a tad?

With my Naim anorak on, I tied a strong elastic band in the middle of my various support strings, so they give support but also have some flex - those strong 'bands the posties often leave laying about the streets do very nicely.

Alternatively, loop the 'band around the burndy and then string-up,

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I agree - lifting the Burndys well away from the floor definitely makes a difference. Especially with the 300.

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Thanks @HappyListener and @Dynaudio1 - I will have a go. I was also thinking of moving the SCDR down, so moving the PS up one level but I reckon the 300 transformer is a whopper compared to the SC…

Think it’s time I moved the whole Fraim a bit further from the wall too. Man, those wrapped 300 Burndys seem less flexible than the normal ones - probably just me!

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If you have a plug-in order, try the 300PS as the first-plug - I think this is better.

A very good idea to get as far away as possible from the wall with Fraim - if only for those rare cleaning duties :grinning:

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It’s amazing what difference some of those tweaks can make. Case in point - I wasn’t happy yesterday with vinyl playback, something not quite right. My 252 under the LP12 was moved in on the shelf so that it didn’t overhang on the front fascia. Result - bigger and much tighter sound. I was flabbergasted ! :thinking:

The outcome is I have booked a day of leave to enjoy the ‘new’ system. One has to get one’s priorities right… :grin:

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