Burndy Cable Dressing

As some of you may be aware, I’m soon to be changing my six shelf single SimRack to two three shelf versions.

Setting this up in the standard configuration of brains (left) and brawn (right).

The set up will be;

  • Linn Klimax DS
  • Spare
  • 282
  • SNAXO / Headline
  • 250
  • 250
  • 2x HiCap
  • SuperCap

On the brains bottom shelf will be the SNAXO242 and on the brawn bottom shelf will be the SuperCap, which are connected by the Burndy cable.

My question is, knowing that the Burndy cable should not touch the floor, what’s the best way of dressing this so that it’s in the optimal position.


Put the Supercap on the top shelf of the brawn rack.

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As HH said. In my Fraim I have the 300PS on the top shelf of the brawn and the 300 HU on the bottom of the brain so that the burndies don’t touch the floor. Same for the 552 - the head unit on the top of the brain and the 552 PS on the bottom of the brawn.

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Related question on Burndy. Having a side by side rack there’s high traffic of burndy and signal cables behind the rack. Is there a general “rule” in burndy not touching other burndy and signal cables not touching burndy etc. Separating boxes is great but it also adds a cables nest which is pretty challenging to arrange properly… Powerlines are not close to either burndy or signal cables and the SNAIC on 552 is approx 1-2cm away not touching the burndy all the way.

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