Burndy cables CD555 to 555PS compatible for NDS-555PS DR?

In early March I bought a Naim 555 PS DR from an official Naim dealer to power my Naim NDS.

The dealer assured me that I would receive a pair of Burndy cables to connect.

However, I only received one Burndy cable.

After more than two months, I still cannot use my Naim 555 PS DR because the dealer continues to say that he has not yet received these cables which he ordered from Naim.

I have a pair of CD555 to 555PS Burndy cables.

Are these cables also compatible for connect NDS-555PS DR?

I ask this question because I saw that the second connector for one of the Burdny cables does not have the same connectors as the second Burndy cable for CD555 (usually this connector is covered in the NDS for those who want to use only the Naim XPS which has only one cable) .

However, the cable correctly enters the NDS connector.

The two Naim (NDS + 555 PS DR) will work if I use the two Burndy cables that are used to connect Naim CD555 and Naim 555 PS DR?

Or will the Naim 555PS DR not be used to its full potential?

If it’s any help my CD555 was away being serviced and I borrowed an NDS from my dealer to listen to. I used both burndy cables with no issues when connected to my 555PS. If you look at your burndy cables on should have a single ring under the outer cover and the other a double ring. This denotes sockets one and two. You just have to make sure you get the connections the right way round for them to fit.

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You should be able to use your CD555 Burndy cables with your NDS. Indeed, a few CD555 owners on here who moved to an NDS, decided to keep their old Burndy cables as they were nicely run in and a known quantity.

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In these photos there are the two connectors of the two cables Burndy A and B.

My two Burndy cables don’t have one or two rings at the base but they have a green and red color as in the photo.


I have a double green collar and a single red collar, same as yourself and they are connected as per the Naim manual.

Hope this helps

I connected as you recommended and now a fantastic sound has come out of my Proac D48 R!!

I’m happy

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I’m glad! The NDS is still a very capable streamer.


But it would be interesting to know which manual is this illustration and which rev number because usually the S-XPS cable is used only when the connection plug is mounted on the other socket and is being powered by an XPS2 / DR or XP5XS power supply.

The doubt arises from the question of whether it is better to use the S-XPS cable (11 pin) or the 10-pin Burndy cable which is one of the cables used in the pair of Burndy cables used to connect the Naim 555PS to the 555 cd.

The doubt is even if using the S-XPS cable instead of the 10-pin Burndy cable you are wrongly using the 555 PS DR power supply for the NDS.

From the Naim website, manual issue 1image

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