Burndy cables?

Are they all the same with just certain pins used or are they different between components. I have the 250-2 with a single burndy and the 300 with two. Are they all the same?

The Burndy cables are the thick cables with the locking connectors. You have two between the 300PS and 300 head unit.

The other interconnect cables are 4 pin DIN to 3 Pin XLR. The 250 cable is a stereo version carrying both channels, the 300 has two mono wired cables, one for left and one for the right channel.

I think the OP is asking whether all Burndys are the same. I don’t know the answer, but I think maybe the 250 Burndy and the two 300 Burndys are the same.



The 250 doesn’t have a Burndy cable.

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Good point!



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Are you sure it’s a uk Naim 250.2 ? Because there is no burndy for the 250. :laughing:

Yep, 252 not 250, apologies.

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Just curious, when you bought the 300, how real old it was? Did the seller told you?

Question is because given the importance of burndy cables I was wondering if swapping the 300 on to the 252 would identify a burndy at fault? ( re the 300 sounding a bit ‘flat’)

You can’t swap those over - different connections.

No I didn’t ask. Cheap and the serial is old. It needs a service and that was always my intention. I just wanted to try it out vs the similarly old un serviced 250. It’s not scientific comparing two unknowns, I just wanted to see if there were obvious differences.

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I realise I may be getting in to the area of stupid questions now, so thanks for your patience.

Better to ask than to make an expensive mistake :slightly_smiling_face:

I take it you’ve done all the usual stuff, de-stressing the Burndy cables etc, my old 300 was very sensitive to the Burndy cables being just right.

Yes, that was todays lesson. All good as its going to get before service.

The Burndy cables are all different, and should only ever be used with the equipment they’re designed to partner, although in certain cases such as the Superline and SNAXO, the same (SNAXO) Burndy cable is used.

The 300 power amp has a 7 pin burndy, the 500 a 9 pin. It gets more complicated with other preamp and streamer supplies, best to check before shelling out.

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