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Before I bother the kind people at the support line, I’ll try my question here first:

I have an old 52/52PS from circa 1991 (recently recapped at Salisbury). The Burndy is of course the old grey one and I was thinking of getting a new black one since friends assure me that this would be a noticeable upgrade. I know that Naim would recommend that I first try to find an old Supercap since this would be an even bigger upgrade. However, since Olive Supercaps are hard to come by over here (Sweden) and since the cost would be greater, I am still thinking of first getting a brand new Black Burndy. And then, maybe later, a Supercap if one would turn up at the right price. So here are my questions:

  1. Is there a difference between old and new Burndys? Would a brand new Black Burndy fit my old 52/52PS?
  2. If, at a later stage, I would get me a Olive (or a brand new) Supercap, would the same Burndy still be able to connect the old 52 with the somewhat not so old Supercap?
  3. And just out of curiosity - has anyone out there made the same upgrade from Grey to Black Burndy on Olive gear and experienced the difference?

A perfect question for @Richard.Dane :grin:

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Yes, a new black Burndy for a NAC52 should work fine either with a 52PS or Supercap.


Had the opportunity a few years ago to compare a supercap and a 52ps back to back. Both of us present, including the owner of the supercap, preferred the 52ps.

I did the change from a grey Burndy to a black one between my 52/52ps. The black one is a significant improvement over three grey.



Good questions!
some hopefully sensible answers for you:
Keep the serviced 52 PS and don’t swap it for a Supercap of any colour. We had a 52/olive Supercap and tried a Supercap DR but much preferred the olive one. The 52PS makes the 52 sound arguably even better than the olive Supercap, which has only 50% of the power supply capacitor errr capacity.

Do go for the black Burndy if you want a small improvement. Just be clear when you order it that it is for a NAC52, as there are a few different Naim Burndy cables these days.

Hope this helps, BF

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