Burndy direction?

Prompted by a comment in another thread.
My Burndy is powering my nDac from my XP5XS.

The band around the cable is at the XP5XS end.

Is this the rightway round? :thinking:


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Ta, fishy!

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I hope it sounds better! Join the strange electrical world of HiFi where wires sound better one way than the other, and Naim check these things.


So at least one positive from that thread then.

The white band around the Burndy joining my 555dr to my 272 is at the 272 end.
Is that right?

On all Naim cables, the band is at the source end. Simple rule.

Not the power source though, nearest the signal source, so for Burndys it’s away from the power supply, same for Snaics.

Yes, signal source is what I meant more specifically.

In any case Naim’s connection guide illustrates this in all the connection diagrams.

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After a bit of a shuffle around there was something lacking. It’s back.

Happy to trust in smoke, mirrors and snake oil when the need arises, but electricity going the other way really shouldn’t make that difference. And it does.

Correct JimDog

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