Burndy issue?

I noticed that the end that goes into my XPSDR can move around and is not stuck like the other end and on my 300DR. I mean the black strain relief. The cable and the strain relief can twist both directions even though the Burndy is locked in place. Is it broken?

Not how you describe it; 2 of mine do the same. Don’t twist it though as it adds unnecessary strain to the pins in the plug.

A little bit of free play is usually a good thing, and certainly better than the opposite - what you don’t want is for the strain relief to be done up too tight, as that just kills the performance of the Burndy cable.

Just be sure there’s no stress on the ends when you connect the Burndy plugs to the sockets. This is the key to getting the best performance from the Burndy. The trick is to take each plug in each hand with the cable looped in front of you. Then orientate the plugs with the thick lug uppermost . Then gently swing the Burndy while applying a slight twisting motion to your wrists. After a minute or two you should find that the orientation of the plugs remains in place without any stress trying to turn the plug one way or the other. The plugs can now be fitted into the sockets.

n.b. probably best to do this when nobody else is around, lest they fear for your sanity…


Where’s the video demonstrating this? :man_shrugging: :smiley: It’s not totally clear to me but I think I’ve got it pretty much right.

To be clear, when I twist the big strain relief around the cable moves with it. Am I correct in that I can tighten/un-tighten this? It feels bit loose compared to the others which are tight. Just afraid the inner wires will get damaged since it moves so freely.

I would not touch it as it’s very easy to release the sheathing and then it will need to be fixed at Naim. If any doubt, have your dealer check it out for you.

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Ok, I’ll avoid playing with it. It was when I moved the cables around a bit on the back I noticed the strain relief also moved and I started to get worried and also thought the bass got less punchy. But I’m sure it’s my imagination. Moving cables is a dangerous game…

I had this on one of my new 300 burndys, the sheath at the strain relief slipped out at the slightest movement and you could see a bit of the wires. Dealer tried to fix it by slipping it back in and gently tightening it, but when it came back from their workshop it slipped out again the moment the staff person handed it to me. Their verdict was that the strain relief sheath was a bit too short, so they gave me their demo burndy instead, no issues since.

I like threads like this - gives me an excuse to power down and flex the Burndies using the ‘Richard’ method. One of them definitely needed some flexing. Also a chance to further optimise some cable routing. Nice crisp sound forthcoming after power on, especially at the top end. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I always tend to think the system sound more fresh, more agile, more dynamic after a day turned off after being alive for some weeks and then back on. Imagination?

I read the same on the forum in many other posts, though also after turning off for a short time after it had been on for weeks/months. Some people made a routine out of it, i.e. turn off for 30 minutes every month, or whatever.

I tried it and to my big surprise I felt the same, but didn’t try to do a before-after comparison.


May add something.

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