Burndy lesson learned! Shake it to wake it!

Got to say…it does occur to me…are there are any other manufacturers whose gear is quite this sensitive to the precise positioning of interconnects and other connections?

No - no-one else’s gear is sensitive or well-made enough for it to make any difference…



Could be just because you “cleaned” the connections by disassembling and then reassembling. Or expectation bias of it sounding better. I’m not buying it. :neutral_face:

My name is Thomas and I doubt everything.


Just tried doing this. Weirdest thing I’ve done in awhile.


That,ll be it then!:thinking:

Just told Mrs Bruss I may shake my snaic later.


Doubt away…
But I don’t think expectation bias gives you a thump in the chest where just moments before there was none.

And I swear I’d not touched a drop, kissed a Prince or said Beetlejuice… :wink:

I’ve decided to not fight my Naim rig anymore and have left the Naim Voodoo to the devil. Music now sounds better than ever even without making love to my Burndy.

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Another option is that the other gear actually is just as well, but they are just not making a fuss about it. Doing so fits the Naim brand, image and history. Less so for, e.g., someone with a super-high tech image. What to focus on or not is often just brand design decisions.

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I got caught shaking mine :flushed:


…or, maybe my connections are better…because they do not need all this fuss. Heresey. I wonder if this will be deleted. All tongue-in-cheek though!

Shake the cables to make them sound nice; unplug and replug to clean your sockets; dress your cables/only cross them at right angles; dismantle/reassemble your Fraim. Come exchange your Hiline when it breaks again. Come buy your fuses when the Powerline doesn’t sit properly. Come tighten your locking rings or at least have the argument about whether you should.

For some this doubtless has the ritualistic attraction of playing vinyl. For others it doubtless looks insane.

I sit somewhere in the middle. Ultimately it simply shouldn’t be that time-consuming and there’s a point when diminishing returns kicks in. Single boxes and downsizing attract quite pejorative language but perhaps the “lifestyle” people want is simple and musical. Cast your mind back a decade and this sort of debate about Naim and it’s quirks simply didn’t exist. Now it matters because there are more alternatives out there and they really are damn good.


Shake it once and enjoy, I say.

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These at least apply to every system, and no system likes microphony from unstable racks or, maybe, stressed cables. Like I said, other manufacturers keeping quiet about it may fit their audiences better but does not mean that the issues don’t exist.

The huge existing market for racks and equipment bases, often costing thousands, is not for Naim gear.

Agreed, the quirky and somewhat mystical approach fits the Naim brand. Same as with the blue Alps volume pots, other companies most likely would not want to deal with their side effects, but for Naim it’s “sound first”. I think it’s reasonable that every company finds their soul and the audience that likes it. Gladly there are other choices if you don’t.

Downsizing has its attractions, without doubt. So has upsizing as I just experienced :slight_smile: Different people, different needs and wishes. Naim would go under if it tried to be Accuphase, TAD, or Burmester. And these would fail if they tried to be Naim.

I’m pretty sure the difference is wide-spread internet.


Insert whichever paradigm suits your preconceptions here… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Same as how the shape and material of a wine glass changes the taste of the wine.


Indeed. And I am convinced you get a different strength of tea from a tea bag depending on the type and colour of the cup/mug used!

…and whether you have given the glass the correct degree of shaking before you pour the wine.

I pour the wine into the glass 1/3 full, swirl 3 times (not 4!), then sip.

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Clockwise or anti clockwise?