Burndy link plug in 272

Bit of a daft question but does the link plug in the 272 just push in with no twisting collar? I can get it in fine, but nothing seems to twist to make it secure…

Yes, it just pushes in.

so I’ve done that, I powers up fine and music shows as playing - but nothing appears to be coming out of the line out or pre-amp outputs. What can I check?

Have you enabled ‘main out’ under analogue outputs?

thanks, but where?! nothing obvious on the front panel or in the app…

Have you read the manual? Full instructions are there. You use the spanner key on the remote.

yes read manual but nothing for 272 only 172. Don’t use the remote so might have to hunt that down! Surely there’s an alternative way to do it tho?

If you read the 272 manual it’s all there. You need the remote.

Ok saw that but thought that was 172 only. Will play hunt the remote and see. Surprised one can’t do it through the front panel or the app.

sorted, thanks. As you say, needed the remote.

It’s easy when you know how!

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