Burndy massage question (sorry!)

Hi all

I know this comes up often but have not been able to find clarification on my specific question. When massaging to de-stress and align the sockets should one be holding on to the connectors or the cable near the connectors? Does it matter?

Hold the cable not the plugs as the cord grips are deliberately slightly loose for decoupling.

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Oops. When I did it, I did it wrong then…
I’ll know for next time.

Still worked a treat.

Thanks! All massaged and back in place now😁


Thank goodness. We can all sleep at night now knowing your burndies are massaged and back in place

God, you just polluted my imagination ! I have to remove that image from my brain now :face_with_peeking_eye:

Just occasionally when engrossed in a listening session I am disturbed and all of a sudden think my burndy needs to be massaged. Everything is fine and returns to normal after

I always hold the plugs as you want to remove stress from where the cable comes into the plug. It’s a gentle swing not a skipping rope style :face_with_raised_eyebrow::wink:

Am i missing something? Is this the innuendo thread😉

No it’s a deadly serious topic and discussion. No idea what gave you any other ideas

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Getting the Burndy right can have a startling effect on the overall performance. Also the same with a HiLine etc. I’ve had from sounding mediocre & uninteresting to being completely infectiously drawn in with a big smile, and the only changes i’ve done at that time were connection(s) being made wrongly or rightly…but not so tightly…:wink:

That is why I apologised in advance😉

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