Burndy Problem?

Having moved house, I set up my olive 52/sc/250/cd3.5/fc/credos and all was fine for a few days.

I then added my LP12 and after switching on the 52 and sc, all I got was a crack through the speakers. Quite loud, though not speaker busting. It also occurred if I pressed mute on or off. No sound when playing, apart from very quiet music if I played a cd regardless of volume setting.

So I switched off, disconnected and carefully reconnected everything. That seemed to fix things and all was well for a few days.

Today I moved an unconnected lead (a scart lead connected to the tv but not the hifi). It caused a similar noise when it passed close to the Burndy.

Now the problem has returned but won’t go away.

The Burndy cable at the 52 end feels loose in the back of its connector. Would that be a possible cause?

I have made sure that the Burndy isn’t touching anything and it feels unstressed. Also the banded end is at the pre-amp.

Any thoughts on what I can try without risking any damage?

It looks like the strain relief has come adrift - look at the sleeved end, you can see the indents from the strain relief grip. If you switch off and disconnect you may be able to put it back if you’re careful, but no idea whether anything else has come adrift inside, so maybe best get your dealer or Naim HQ to take a look.

Thanks Richard. Your assessment looks spot on.

Unfortunately it does seem like something has come adrift inside so I will speak to my Naim dealer.

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