Burndy Repairs?


Anyone know if Naim can repair a Burndy? I’ve gone and snapped the black pin on one end of mine. Is this pin critical or just to align the pins in the socket?

Asking here as there’s a long wait for a reply from Naim direct


I would have though Yes - ??? @Richard.Dane - ??

Will likely mean a complete new Connector, though… £££

I suppose they can, or else a good dealer.
But I also did wonder about that black pin and what it is for!

Ive always assumed it’s just for alignment and might be usable without, at least on a temporary basis.

It’s plastic; it obviously doesn’t conduct electricity.

I did understand that it doesn’t conduct :slight_smile: But what I didn’t understand was what it’s for or how it might help alignment compared to the normal pins

It ensures that you can only plug the Burndy in in a particular orientation and also for a particular device. If you’re careful then it should still be fine.


Good stuff. Many thanks
Everything plugged in and working fine :slight_smile:

I had a damaged Burndy, one of the pins was suppressed and only came out of one channel in phono mode yet both in CD mode. Sent it away to be repaired and was returned intact.

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