Burt Bacharach r.i.p

Gosh we have lost so many this year……and now one of the great song writers leaves us aged 94, but with some great toons. I will always remember Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid and the song raindrops keep falling. R.I.P


This year is taking way more than its fair share of leading lights :cry:
…and its only February!


Alerts are popping up on my screens. Sad but 94 is quite an innings and of course the work itself lives on. Is immortal.

What’s New Pussycat became my favourite because of ‘Flushed Away’


Burt has left us with so much wonderful music all in his own unique style. One of the true greats. He will be missed by many.

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Such a loss did some great music over the years.

He was up there with the very best


The biggest sadness at the continual music losses is not most of the people involved. As has already been pointed out, most had a good innings & the same fate awaits all of us.

No, the major sadness for me is that I see few, or often, no artist/composers etc. who will take their places in years to come.

Will any of todays ‘superstars’ be selling out huge arenas in 30/40/50 years time? Frankly, I doubt it.


You don’t have to worry about it, AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be writing the music to cut out middle man. Just like the new software to create art.

RIP … Burt


Very sad. One of “the” greats. As simple as that.

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RIP. Fantastic legacy.

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Can’t wait…

Just seen he has passed away aged 94, what a prolific writer of brilliant songs.

Loved his collaborations with Elvis Costello.


Already thread on this.


My copy of Dionne Warwick’s Greatest Hits was delivered on Tuesday. 14 of the 16 songs are by Bacharach and David. A perfect musical trio.

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Looks like there are two threads open on this loss.

The man wrote a not insignificant portion of the soundtrack of my youth.

Great run on all accounts it would seem: RIP.


It’s such a shame, RIP

A wonderful talent and a unique songwriter. RIP Burt, thanks for the great music!

Like a lot of things I’ve learnt to appreciate him a lot more as I’ve aged. There’s a lot his songs that you just take for granted.

A great songwriter with an amazing legacy RIP