Busted cartridge

Hi I’ve got a aro with a linn Akiva but it’s like when I listen to it it’s like it’s in mono until I touch the wires at the back of the cartridge I think it’s knackered any idea please this and my cr7 gonna cost me a bomb lol kind regards tel

Terry, it may be a poor connection between the trailing tags from the Akiva and the Aro tags. Maybe worth undoing them and checking the bridge pins are clean and making a good contact then remaking the connections.

Obviously best done with the arm disconnected from the deck and on a well lit table, and with the cartridge stylus guard in place…

Oh thanks Richard to be honest I’ve not used it for ages it’s about 10 years since I had it fitted with a keel

God knows how much my Nakamichi deck gonna cost am gutted

Paul at B&W should be able to give you an indication as to cost and how long it will take. Just drop him an email. It should come back performing as good as new.

Thanks Richard

Richard have you got Paul’s email address please

Terry, just run a search for Bowers & Wilkins Nakamichi service info, it gives you all the information you need.

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