Butterfly finger picks

I have Familial Finger Clubbing. That means that my fingernails (and toenails) curve more than normal and “claw” unless I keep them very short. Pity, because I tend to play guitar fingerstyle most of the time.

(For any non-medics who do a websearch : I do not have lung disease etc. It’s just a familial trait and can be easily distinguished from the pathological type of finger clubbing) It’s just a nuisance. My younger daughter and her younger daughter are the same, but they only show the condition in their toes.

Because of the short nails, I don’t get much volume when playing acoustic guitar. I’ve tried the plastic finger picks, but don’t get along with them at all.

Just heard about these Butterfly Finger Picks (made of wire). Seem like they may be the answer for me. Anybody tried them?

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