Buyers Remorse

My brother-in–law ordered a Honda NT1100 in May last year only to go off it between then and when it was delivered a few weeks ago.

It’s undercover in his garage, unriddeen as yet. He really hates it.

Any others?


I’m not familiar with the bike but it looks like a solid tourer. What made him go off it?

‘Solid tourer’ probably. A tad boring. He changes and collects bikes faster than I can keep record of. Usually has 3 in the garage at any one time.


I misread your final para there, thinking that it read ‘Any offers?’.

I thought that our esteemed Moderator would be on your case soon enough!

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Just 3? His hasn’t progressed in his illness then. :smiley: Three’s a good number, enough for variety of riding style but not so many the other bikes are getting neglected. Sitting/unridden bikes get to be problematic for a whole host of reasons. Honda’s are good value bikes and serve their market share well but yeah, not always exciting. I’ve owned dozens over the last 30 years and preferring dual sports most of my bikes have been BMW and KTM. I’ve been lusting after Ducati for years though. Their sport tourer is pretty exciting but their new dual sport really caught my attention.


He had or has a Ducati sports tourer in red. An earlier model though.



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