Buying a used NAP500/NAC552 (DR'd)

Hey Guys,

I’m about to purchase a used NAP500/NAC552, which according to Naim had been DR’d in 2018/2014 respectively. Original purchase dates for them were 2010.

I got this confirmed via support (using serial numbers):

NAP500 was DR’d and PS was serviced in 2018.
NAC552PS was DR’d in 2014 - NAC552 doesn’t get it (and wasn’t serviced).

Firstly, does this sound correct (as it should be as part of the DR’ing process).

Is there anything else I need to be aware of - both apparently are also being supplied with Powerlines (unsure if this was factory OE then). I also presume the original connectivity for them would also include Burndies and any other cables needed to connect them together (so I dont need to buy anything else to have a working system).

Also, does Naim stamp them to say on the boxes they are now DR’d?

Also, does anyone know when the Burndies outer sheeth changed from like a rubber feel to this kinda braided/netted style? I vaguley remember having a Naim DAC with the rubber style Burndy (which I found a nightmare to straighten out / massage).

I think the rubber sheathed Burndies are used to connect a 555 or XPS power supply to a source (DAC, CD player, HDX, NDX etc).

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Yes, it’s the S-XPS burndy that is the stiff rubber one: the 552 and 500 come with the sheathed versions, as does the 300. You should get all the wires you need. The 500 should have two burndies, the Powerline and a pair of Din to XLR wires to connect to the 552PS. The 552 should come with a Powerline, a burndy and a Snaic 5 for the digital supply. If DRed by Naim they will have a DR sticker on the back. The information on what was done sounds correct.


As always - thanks for the detailed answer!

Another question: - What does this mean? “Do not replace supplied loudspeaker plugs with individual 4mm plugs”

I have Nordost speaker cable with 4mm banana plugs - I assume this is OK.


The NAP’s come supplied with Naim plugs that you are ‘supposed’ to use at the amp end. SL speaker cable does not use them however…

OK yeah, because reterminating that Nordost cable would be expensive. 4mm banana plugs are industry standard? this seems crazy.

Maybe have a try with some NACA5 our SL if you can and make sure that you are happy with the Nordost cable. I changed some pretty expensive Chord speaker cables for NACA5 and promptly sold the Chord ones!

The Naim plugs are made of the same stuff as the sockets so give the best connection. I have no idea whether your Nordost wires are compatible electrically, but setting that aside you can plug any old 4mm banana plug into the socket.

Naim plugs were made with a plastic housing to keep the spacing the same as that of the sockets. This spacing is also designed to be different to that in a mains plug. This was Naim’s perhaps rather rigidly applied interpretation of electrical safety reg’s, where other manufacturers just carried on using a regular pair of bananas.
Naim have not used the same arrangement on their Super Lumina plugs, and using other bananas is fine. It’s perhaps worth remembering, though, that Naim plugs were also carefully designed to match their sockets, and it’s a good idea to use them where possible.

Regardless of the plugs, you might want to check the specs of your speaker cables. I understand that some Nordost cables are a very diffferent spec to that of Naim cables, and if you are using a separate Naim power amp, cold be a very poor match.

Well you are in for a treat.


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Hope so! d-day tomorrow.

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Picked up - NAP/NAC was totally mint - even supplied with original invoices and DR from the owner.

Just settling in now - sounds great even without much warm up. Can’t believe I waited this long to finally do it (and saved 58% off RRP). This is why I love the Naim community, grab yourself a bargin!


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