Buying Blind

I can do all the home demos I want through my dealer (notwithstanding the SuperLine issue mentioned above), but I have an established relationship going back 25+ years.

However, in defense of dealers, mine won’t do that anymore unless you are an established customer. The reason is they had too many problems with people doing home demos, and then buying the product discounted elsewhere (online or from other dealers crossing territory).

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You’ve hit it on the head, it’s about establishing a strong relationship with a dealer.


@joc6812, I can only speak of my experience with the two excellent Naim dealers I know here in Seattle — both have very attractive exchange credit policies within 1-2 years of purchase, making sponsoring your own leisurely demo in your own time a reasonable-cost option. This is in addition to very generous free in-home demos of shorter duration, for locals, at least.

Of course, in turbulent times like these, some dealers may fold, nullifying trade-in guarantees. Supporting dealers with purchases now will help ensure they are there for us when the sun shines again.

OTOH, if things get very bad, there may be more private sellers of hi-fi at prices that increase your margin of safety.

My strategy over 30 years is not to split hairs, and buy things I am bound to love — trading from a dealer-bought used 152/155/FC2X to a floor model 552DR and a private-party NAP 500 had a margin of safety that was hard to top, for me. This is just an example.

Good luck, whatever you do. Nick

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@JosquinDesPrez Also since I work in the audio business ( part time these days) I get pretty good deals, so it would be very disingenuous of me to take a dealers time with zero intent to buy from them.

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Next Level AV.

I would never take a dealer’s time for anything for any reason if I have no intention to give him business. That’s not how I roll either.

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I have found this forum and this community adds a lot of value to my Naim experience. I own other brands — none with such useful forums. Nick


I’m with you, what’s the difference between 3 hours or 29 hours away. They are not local. I’ve never had better customer service on any product than what was/is provided by Tyler at Next Level. He has flown to my house 4 times over the last few years. Also, he makes upgrading way too easy.

My dealer is almost a 3hr drive away and I’ve established a great relationship with them since my first purchase of a UnitiCute2, 6 or so years ago. I’ve demoed that and the two pairs of speakers at their show room. When I went for a Nova I also tried that out with them. But my later purchases SN2, NDX2, XPS DR, HiCAP, have all been on faith, as they have either not been held by the dealer or are order only from the UK. So, I have relied on reviews, the forum and my dealers advice, which have all been useful. My dealer basically works on a try at home and return if not happy basis, but TBH his advice has always been spot on for me, so it’s very much a trusted win-win relationship.


What part of Colorado? I’m in Lafayette, near Boulder.

I think most of us know that establishing a good relationship with a dealer is a given. Having high expectations of them in all matters helps. What is often neglected is the need for us to be good customers. I see it as very much a two way process. I don’t really haggle or look for discounts. Instead, I look for superlative service and support. This policy has kept me with my dealer in SE London for over three decades. Another return for me is that they are still in business. I hope they emerge healthy on the other side of this crisis…



I agree. Trust is everything.


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