Buying laptop in US for UK

I’m interested in an HP Spectre laptop in the Black Friday sales. The model I want is not (yet) listed on the HP UK site but is on the US. I don’t think there are any differences in the model other than power lead I think it will handle both voltages - after all probably all built in China. Can one be brought with a US address and then shipped to UK??. I’m told carriage would be high. Other thing is UK site offers a 3 year care pack which I assume would be an issue. Anybody had any experience of this?

Apart from Warranty, be aware that US keyboards have a few small differences that may annoy you - the missing £ symbol can be particularly annoying.

Will be surprised if many US retailers will take your order - too much hassle shipping to the UK. You will also have to pay UK VAT, duty and customs handling fees.

When i was in the US a few years ago i looked at buying a laptop as they were cheaper. However the power supplies were only compatible with 110v, unlike the ones in the EU that can cope with both.

May have changed now Americas great again😉

Another issue will be the keyboard, a US keyboard is different to a UK keyboard.

Yes, didn’t think about the keyboard. They will not ship directly to the UK. One would have to have a friend as a shipping address and they would have to forward it to you. I was just throwing it out there, but I think in the end better to stick to the UK site - for the warranty and keyboard alone

You may be able to reconfigure the keyboard in the operating system.

It’s not just the keys that are different - many manufacturers have a physical difference in the layout of a US keyboard vs UK keyboard. The return key and backspace keys are often a different size and in slightly different location, certainly the case with Apple.

That is not correct, I always bought my laptop is the US, and had no issue with the voltage, whether location is US, UK, Japan, Australia, etc.

Keyboard will be an issue depending on where you are in the world,

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